... is located on the slopes of Fruska Gora mountain, in Sremska Kamenica at Dr. Ketrin Makfel 54. Was founded in 1992.  Developed from the "Maketarska radionica" (Modeling workshop), then twelve year old workshop, but a wide range of craft workshops. Thanks to the joint venture with "Techno" from New York, imported the most advanced computer equipment, CNC machines, semi-automatic screen printing machines, machines for making badges and many small accessories.

Stevan Kiss - founder and owner

We wanted to provide maximum comfort to our old and potential customers, that is to be done all in one place. So, if someone opened a craft shop or company, comes to us and we do it all that is needed for activities. From design to construction of the interior, of the stamp company, letterheads, envelopes, labels, accounts books, dispatch, company boards, neon and other signs, for the "roadside", visual communications, virtually all that is needed for successful visual identity of a company.

The second segment of the use of CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines, ie. their use in making furniture. By applying the latest technology we produce high quality furniture. We cooperate with the most successful companies that we work the entire process of furniture and other elements of the interior and exterior (doors, windows, gates ...)


The winners of gold medals at the furniture fair "Ambienta" in Novi Sad and Belgrade Fair Furniture


Performances at the Belgrade Fair of Furniture and "Ambienta" in Novi Sad, we won top honors. With five successful joinery manufacturing company, 1998. we have established a group of MNS. CNC machines allow us to produce all relevant material which we have previously drawn on the computer. For the engraving, milling, drilling, cutting and making three-dimensional models, in almost all materials, except for tool steel and stone.

The technology we applied, is changing - improving very quickly. To the track, we are going, periodically, to training in the U.S., wherefrom we are bring new elements to extend the offer. So we took a specialized printer-cutter, which not only cut self-adhesive foil but print on it, with a guarantee of color stability, which makes it very interesting for the color label for outdoor use in small runs.

We provide great help to those who want a new kitchen furniture can not afford it. We make doors for existing elements, according to the latest technology, with a number of different "patterns". New doors, drawers, working tops, a few more imaginative detail and that's a completely new kitchen, for less money than to buy new. And all this on a "DO IT YOURSELF" and with our little help.