When we compete for a prize at fairs, it's signed by the design team or the author of "EuroTechno" d.o.o.

After a serious product that should stand a team.

The company "EuroTechno" d.o.o. performed regularly in major furniture fairs in the country and abroad since 1993. - 2011. and at the same time we won numerous awards and recognitions:

       - SILVER WOODPECKER - Belgrade Furniture Fair

       - SILVER KEY - Belgrade Furniture Fair

       - GOLD MEDAL Novi Sad Fair

       - SILVER AND BRONZE MEDAL Novi Sad Fair

       - GREAT GOLD MEDAL Novi Sad Fair

       - PRAISE FOR GOOD DESIGN - Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce

       - CUP FOR A WIDE RANGE ASSORTMENT - Novi Sad Fair (within the 'MNS' GROUP)

               and many others ...