The company "EuroTechno" d.o.o. developed on the basis of craft shops for making models and relief "Maketarska radionica Stevan Kiss." Continuing the tradition of "Maketarska radionica", "EuroTechno" d.o.o. today is developing models and terrain using the latest manufacturing methods, tools and materials to address challenges in the world market modelers.







Competition for the architectural design
administration building "Zepter"


Designer: Ilja Mikitišin d.i.a.



Ash tree

R 1:10

Designer: Vaso Krčmar d.i.a.



Plantaze 13.juli

Podgorica, Montenegro









Designer: Ilja Mikitišin d.i.a.


Kubic silo

21st century Pyramid

I - International Geneva Show 1990:      Gold Medal

II - Eureka - Brussels: Gold medal, EC Gold Medal, awarded a special prize organizers Intl. Fair "Inpex"

III - Pittsburgh 1991 - "Inpex" Grand Prix, Gold Medal for construction

IV - Eureka - Brussels 1991: Gold Medal for Design





Cube-shaped tank is similar to well-tailored suit

The top half of the silo cells use free fall of the grain and looks like pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid cells is also like a pyramid, but upside- down.
Cubic silo harmonize man and nature, balancing energy and thus using the natural electromagnetic field and the temperature at its finest way.



Model of complex

"Novosadski sajam"







acrylic + screen printing, zinched plate, micro-holtz, obeche (samba)

cca:  1,5 x 2,2 m

R = 1 : 500

Stambena hiša (kuća)

Gornji grad (Slovenia)

2 stories in total 128 m2







acrylic, obeche (samba), rohacell, cardboard,  cork, micro-holtz
cca  100 x 70 cm

R = 1 : 25

Universal adjustable electro-magnetic waves
(patent invention, USA)





obeche (samba), micro-holtz, cardboard

cca 40 cm

Information boards

Novi Sad

underground passage





Several information boards







"Hemofarm" board with electronics

- green tinted acrylic, screen-printing, color LEDs, solid wood frame



"Centroslavija" board with electronics 1985.

- green tinted acrylic, screen-printing, color LEDs, solid wood frame


"DTD" board with electronics, 1985.

- green tinted acrylic, screen-printing, color LEDs, solid wood frame


Futoska market

Novi Sad

existing and newly state







Existing state R = 1 : 100

cardboard, polystyrene, screen printing


Newly state R = 1 : 100

obeche (samba), acrylic, cardboard, micro holtz, screen printing, zinc plates

cca 0,8 x 1,6 m with acrylic lid


Memorial cemetery - Novi Sad





cork, obeche (samba), veneer, terracotta, sendpaper

R = 1 : 200

Central cemetery - Prijedor






obeche (samba), micro holtz, cardboard, screen printing

cca   0,7 x 0,7 m

R = 1 : 400

SC "Bazeni"

Bosanski Brod





cork, acrylic, obeche (samba), micro holtz

Milna (Brač)

Individual building





cork, acrylic, rohacell, micro holtz

cca 50 x 40 cm

R = 1 : 100

Large terrace - Palic


interior 1986.




polystyrene, acrylic, folex, oak, MS pipes

R = 1 : 25


Several models made ​​in the past